I have worked on many video games, either as a composer, a sound designer or both. Currently I am working on 3 projects and I do both music and sfx for all three. I am a gamer since I was 3 years old., and I also made a few games, before I started music professionally. One of the biggest reasons I followed the music path, was to be around game development.

Most of the games are published on platforms like, Steam, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Google play, Apple store, etc. Still remember the first time I fired up my console, and played my first game, that was published on consoles. I felt so proud, for my team. Its one of best experiences for a gamer and game developer.

I am always looking to work on a game that has unique artistic direction and personality. I usually refuse to work with teams that ask me to copy music and sound fx, from popular video games. I believe this is an important reason, a game fails to reach its potential.

Four years ago, I decided to also make game music assets. I started with a free sci-fi pack, that still gets thousands of downloads per year. My goal was to make affordable music packs, especially for indie game developers. I am now at 13 music packs, 2 of those are free, and the rest cost less than one royalty free track.

I would be happy to help you with your project. You can use the contact page to send me a message and ask me anything about your game. You can also use my Upwork or Fiverr page. Prices are always indie friendly.

​For anyone that uses discord, add pdkmusic#6947.

Music & Sfx for video games

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